Monday, December 10, 2007

Don't want to talk about it

I know that it is really fun to give your friends a hard time when their favorite sports teams lose, but not this time. please stop, you know who you are.

so, since the grant got turned in and school's out of session, i've not got much to do these days. i'm cooking up a few new ideas for projects, one of which is a peanut shelling machine that can generate income for my community. i'd also like to see about teaching people some new crops to grow (namely ginger and okra) that are a bit more profitable than the sweet potatoes and kasava that dominate the region. just kicking around ideas though, i'll update if anything comes of any of them.

i know that all of my pictures are with american friends, but that's because i don't get my camera out enough, so i rely on their photographic skills. i promise i'm going to do better. starting soon.

my parents are coming in a few weeks, from india! they'll be my first visitors, which is exciting and a bit scary. it'll be weird for someone from the states to be in my village, or running around the country with me. mutatus (share-hire taxis that are crammed full of people) are not exactly an internationally renowned way to travel.

That's all for now, keep the e-mails coming!

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