Monday, May 5, 2008

every 6 months, i post something

so, it's been a long time since i've written anything at all. sorry about that. i'll try to be better about things.

also, apparently people don't care about my dismay over sports losses. i'll try to keep those rants to a minimum as well.

so, quick updates on my life...

computer grant was shot down. i'm trying to restructure the project and reapply. probably going to drastically reduce the scale of the project.

a new project i'm working on is creating village savings and loans programs (VSLs) in my catchment area. These are basically small banking schemes set up amongst 15-30 people, providing a pool of capital and high interest loans in areas that are really strapped for investment capital. they've been incredibly successful in other areas, and i'm excited to bring them to mukura.

also, we finished our mid-service conference, which now officially makes us 2nd year volunteers. the first year was a blast, and i hear the second flies by. hopefully the good times will last.

i'll be back on the internet on wednesday, when hopefully i'll have some hillarious anecdotes typed up and ready to post.

out of internet time now, so i'll have to post more later.


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