Saturday, December 1, 2007


so, i know this blog is supposed to be about my experience in uganda, but the only thing i can seem to think about these days is the mountaineers making it to the BCS title game. i'm about to explode. everyone's getting really annoyed that i refuse to talk about anything else. it's time for those few that read my blog to join their ranks.

diwali was fun, here's some pictures

my grant was due yesterday, so i'm taking a bit of a breather. since i have nothing to do for a few days, i will be doing my utmost to do nothing.
my parents are coming to uganda in january. i'm trying to plan out a safari to tanzania to augment our uganda activities. the serengeti looks pretty inviting right about now. i just hope they have plenty of vegetarian food.
i've been reading the economist these days, which seems to be making me more libertarian. this is the danger of getting your news from a singular source. my guardian subscription should be coming through shortly.
i haven't really heard from a lot of people recently (sans zach, sheila, mom, and dad). i get to check my email every week or two, so don't hesitate to write.
finally, wvu is one win away from a national championship berth. this means that my life is a wreck. why, you ask? well, i don't know if i'll be able to watch it. i'm trying to get in touch with the marine base in kampala, and see if they have some sort of satelite television option. i feel like i always see people in uniform saying hello to folks at home during major sporting events. peace corps and the marine corps are kind of similar right?
keep it sleazy, nice and easy

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