Thursday, August 9, 2007

I should write more...

okay, due to a harry potter induced exile from all forms of mass communication, i have been pretty lazy with the blog postings. unfortunately, this means that everything else i had to do on the internet took up most of my time. thus, there is no deeper existentialist undertones to this post. i'm sorry.

life's pretty good. spent some time at the pool, and got sunburned for the first time!!! some days, i can't believe that i'm actually in peace corps. then i spend the better part of an afternoon trying to save 3 cents on a bushel of potatos, and remember.

people often ask about my work, and my friends. this is unfortunate because i mainly enjoy talking about breakin 2: electric boogaloo. however, just this once, i'll make an exception.

i can't get too detailed into my work (sensitivity issues. no seriously, not kidding). but i spend most of my day going to schools and asking teachers to improve their work habits. i feel like i just wrote this out... if there's one thing i hate more than clarity, it's redundancy. enough on the subject of work.

as to my friends, what can i say. i'm a lucky guy. you should come and meet them.

blech... that was too much.

back to breakin 2: electric boogaloo.

definitely the most underrated breakdancing movie sequel of the 20th century (although i hear you got served 2 is going to blow our minds) i wish i had brought it to country. at least the kids in my village are willing to reenact the most crucial scenes.

actually, this brings up a more relevant story. i was walking to the tarmac the other day (a road, not a fast food restaurant), and a bunch of 7 or 8 year old kids were doing acrobatic tumbling runs up and down a field. back-flips, back hand springs, and everything. this may have been a mefloquin related hallucination. but i'm 70% sure this actually happened.

i've got language IST on the 17th, which means i spend 5 days learning some more ateso. then i've got a big education conference sometime after that. it's gonna be huge. and i'll definitely be there because they give free food.

okay, that's all i've got time for. keep the shine alive!